sábado, 5 de setembro de 2009

waltz #4

Riding on this know-how,
never been here before.
Peculiarly entrusted,
possibly that's all.
Is history recorded?
What is there to know?
All this is what it is,
you and me alone
sheer simplicity.
Your increasingly long embraces
are they saying sorry or please?
I don't know what's happening, help me
I don't normally beg for assistance
I rely on my own eyes to see,
but right now they make no sense to me,
right now you make no sense to me.
I left the others knowing
I had to work this by myself.
But now the feeling's growing,
I would be better off with their help.
How come no-one told me
all throughout history
the loneliest people were the ones
who always spoke the truth,
the ones who made a difference
by withstanding the indifference?
I guess it's up to me now,
should I take that risk or just smile?
What do you know, it happened again.
What do you know..
Stay out of trouble, stay in touch.
The sun sets on the war,
the day breaks and everything is new...

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