terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

Humano, demasiado humano

If a dreamer stops believing their dream, how do you explain that to those you’ve been trying to make believe?

Maybe that’s the key point in life, any life. The moment you hold on tight to what you believe and draw strength deep down inside where you didn’t know you had it, or maybe that’s the moment you give in and realize you were living a fantasy.

But you have to make a decision and you can’t get any certainties. None what so ever. You can hold on to what you believe and never get to prove it or taste it. You can give in and never really be sure that what you believed was a mistake.

I could use a switch. An on-and-off button, like those old televisions. Something so that I could turn on or off as I pleased, as I needed. I guess I want to control. But everything is so shitty when you’re controlling it. Or should I say everything is so much better when it’s spontaneous? I have a thing for it.. spontaneity. And serendipity.

I was hoping for you to call me, for us to have a drink and one of those long long talks we have every once in a while. For you to say what I can never put into words. You always do that.

If it makes you sleepless it’s because it’s big, right? Maybe not.

You know you’re an idiot when you lose something you never really had.